Clothing Maliciously Joking With Them

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They are - the stars, celebrities, people with TV, but this only proves the slide,
that they are - ordinary people who also like us mere mortals, are not immune from the petty (and not so) trouble
which presents us with clothes. Pants are too tight or too loose dress, torn dresses and blouses undone
- All this you will find in this release. Everyone who ever forgot to fasten his fly,
or know what a bra undone.
The compilation is a photo of naked body parts!

Ricky Berens of the United States broke his suit, diving into the pool at the start of swim 4x100 meters

British bobsleistka Gillian Cook tore his clothes in the World Championship in Switzerland.

The joy of victory turned out to pants Freddie Flintoff too strong.

The phrase "disorder in the dress" came into use after a Janet Jackson concert tumbled breast (accidentally or it was planned - not clear). Justin did not seem to mind.

Gerry Halliwell showed everything on the delivery of children's awards «BAFTA» in London.

Blushed not only track!

Actress Hofit Golan at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival.

It seems that Keira Knightley was sorry that she did not put on the premiere of "Pride and Prejudice" strapless gown.

Although it is straps did not protect against lung Katie Price shame at the premiere of his book in London.

When TV Leading Mary Nightingale wore this dress, she did not know that Michael Barrymore suddenly decide to pick it up ... and, in a rather strange position.

And at the premiere of "Beowulf" in London, Angelina little of what occurred at the cud, so still and put on too tight leather pants, which eventually cracked. Fortunately, the man's hand Brad Pitt was just what we needed (top right).

Ah, vain member of the famous show «American Idol» Cornelius Edwards decided to sit on the string in these jeans.

Matador "punctures" in the clothing are known not by hearsay. At the festival in Pamplona, Spanish matador "El Cid" was hit in the ... well, you understand ...

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